Accurate and fast recognition of people

Value based. Economical. Scientific.

Suitability diagnostics for all devices in the HR-Lifecycle process


... and what wishes do you encounter daily?
Our legendary milkshake (eWMS) characterizes one of the biggest challenges in human resources work:
How can requirements be defined and their fulfilment measured?

We can help you...

... applicants, employees, teams and themselves itself better "grab" it can. In the symbiosis of theory (science) and practice (experience) we have ValueProfilePlus designed to help you multidisciplinary be able to manage personnel work more successfully, faster and more confidently.

ValueProfilePlus, the agile Personal-KI for the optimization of your more detailed personnel work, fits seamlessly into every process step of HR Lifecycle Management. Find out here how you can scientifically substantiated and economically efficient Goals reach.

What is ValueProfilePlus?

...and what not!

  • Personnel & aptitude diagnostics / online assessment

    the interdisciplinary solution for your successful personnel work
    and not only a general personality profile

  • self-image, external image, psychometry / AI, matching, team

    so a real 360° system
    and not limited to two poles (Self- and external image = 180°)

  • Requirements management and automatic matching

    thus a secured Suitability diagnostics
    and not only Personnel Diagnostics

  • Scientifically substantiated

    based on the formal Axiology by Prof. Hartman, with top marks in Quality criteria:

    Hard to believe? But true! Sample sizes: 1,777 and 6,354 (Request a Whitepaper)
    and not how many old systems between 0.4 (unusable) and 0.7
  • Economically efficient

    Unbeatable price-performance ratio, training included due to unique Flatrates
    and not incalculable with module surcharges or staggered training

  • Tamper-proof

    too complex for fraud attempts thanks to the innovative implementation method and the sophisticated AI
    and not as easily comprehensible as classic systems that allow "embellished" results.

  • from practice ... for practice

    in that the scientific basis already takes the corporate world into account and the implementation is based on a lot of knowledge and experience
    and not reflects the theories from the imperial era (around 1915)

  • Time saving

    thanks to its "different" implementation (sorting instead of filling in), while at the same time gaining in accuracy
    and not superficial or elaborate.

  • Value based

    on the formal axiology according to Hartman. ValueProfilePlus determines its results (CompetenciesThe results of the analysis are based on the stable value level (see Dilts pyramid)
    and not from an underlying level into a listening anticipatory one.

  • Criteria-based

    and ipsativ, thus not limited to special basic groups and thus AGG-compliant
    and not normative.

  • Dimensional

    i.e. recording in clear measured variables / values
    and not generalising or discriminating on useless typologies.

  • DIN 33430 4.2.2 compliant

    as far as it adequately refers to tools (the standard deals with aptitude diagnostics in general and also expects unsuitable criteria for normative procedures - Request a Whitepaper)
    and not aligned to outdated standards.

  • Modular design

    the right solution for every field of application
    and not on part of the HR-Lifecylce limited

Three simple steps to the solution ...

Choose the terms that suit you and your tasks. The ValueSelector-KI will then generate the information that fits your needs:


I'm doing...

I want to...

HR-Lifecycle Management

The right solution for every process step

Fields of application, HR-Lifecycle Management, HR-Lifecycle

ValueProfilePlus covers all phases and profiling tasks of the HR-Lifecycle management. MORE

Experience / Testimonials

Read what enthusiastic customers and users say about ValueProfilePlus:
TIP: To read a customer / user statement at your leisure, simply place your mouse over it. The carousel pauses until you move the mouse pointer out again. Would you also like to give us feedback? Benefits For this you need the Contact form. We look forward to it!

I'm convinced!

Another one of these? Or another one?

The format of the questions alone surprises experienced assessment participants. So simple and yet meaningful? Can it work? All the more surprising that Result. In any case sufficient material for critical self-reflection. CONCLUSION: highly recommended.

Jürgen V.


I'm convinced!

Simply different! Simply good!

In order to attract the right employee to a company, many tools and possibilities of profiling are available. After many attempts and insights I can say that ValueProfilePlus offers an above average accuracy.

I was amazed at the high level of significance. In the end, it was precisely this that awakened many undiscovered potentials and thus pointed the way for future development. In particular the illustration of the Values are a unique selling point and a pearl for every setting. With Horst Veitl I would like to personally thank him for the great Support and the enormous added value for my business development.

Bianca T.

Owner / service company

I'm convinced!

Super and fascinating the test "ValueProfilePlus"

Hello dear interested people, I took the test a few days ago too. Before I started I thought, now you have to take your time, because I was so used to the usual tests. When I got the first question, I was a little bit surprised, because it was not so easy to get the mostly completely separated statements into an order, because of course there are different areas of life, which are usually considered separately. But you manage to decide and determine the order of the on further....and with the second question I already thought about how to sort the statements more systematically and already had some practice ? and then you go is it already over?

Well, I thought to myself that I am curious what this says about me...a few days later I got the evaluation forwarded to me...I thought to so much information little answer. I started to read the evaluation a bit sceptical...and the more I let go, the more I noticed...that's right you are...there are some pages of you that even my wife doesn't know! I have to say, I was blown away, how with such an efficiency such an exact picture could be evaluated, madness.

But as I said, the tool as such absolutely blew me away...I think something like that helps a lot with the first assessment. Great praise from me as a "tested" person...was really surprisingly different and convinced me.

Jürgen D.

Executive / Telecommunications company

I'm convinced!

Valuable for everyone!

ValueProfilePlus is absolutely recommendable for anyone who takes human resources work and the people involved in it seriously. I was absolutely convinced by the experience and the result. I am sure that it is worth taking a look at this innovative solution and that the range of fields covered can be found in every company.

Norbert H.

Managing Director / Wholesale Group

I'm convinced!

Fascinatingly accurate

With the very simple answers to the questions of the test, I could hardly imagine how a suitable person profile could be generated from this. The detailed presentation of the Results The statements are very accurate, the mathematical model used leaves a very well thought-out impression. I am convinced that this test will be a real help for personnel managers and the employees carrying out the test in Profiling delivers.

Prof. Dr. Paul K.


I'm convinced!

My experience with ValueProfilePlus

I carried out ValueProfilePlus in the course of a professional reorientation. For me as an employee the detailed profile was very informative. In the subsequent intensive and explanatory InterviewMr. Veitl, the managing director, gave me a lot of information based on my profile practical and useful tips.

Profile and dialogue gave me important clues and indications as to which working methods I am particularly fond of, which potentials I have, but also which ones I can better exploit and take into account in order to achieve my career goals. The comparative view of behaviour in normal situations and changes in behaviour in the event of conflict was also particularly interesting.

Caroline M.


I'm convinced!

Inspiring, fascinating and hard to believe how well hit!

Good day! I would like to thank you again for the highly interesting and impressive conversation. In the past time I had a lot to do with people who should help you to find a new challenge. However, the approach with ValueProfilePlus is unrivalled so far. Also many thanks for the time Mr. Veitl invested in the interview.

I can say quite clearly, this is not usual! I enjoyed all this very much and I can only recommend it. If anyone would like to know more, he/she is very welcome to contact me.

Volker S.

Managing Director

I'm convinced!

Clearly recognized

My profiling has been a while, but I keep realizing how incredible it continues to work inside me and help me, Situations to perceive even more clearly and to develop myself further. But from the beginning: Like so many others, for fun and in search of amusing entertainment, I have of course already had the odd so-called personality test. Quickly filled out, the result obvious and easy to influence from the start, deep insights are not on the cards.

When I had the ValueProfilePlus statement catalogue to be sorted in front of me, I was very surprised. In the attempt to recognize a logic, I invested a lot of time, especially in the first part, and yet I did not come to the result of a realization I wanted, so that I finally proceeded quite intuitively. The Result - amazing! There a personality picture is drawn, as it seems almost unbelievable in scope and statement. Accurate, relentlessly open and yet unbiased.

I was able to experience this respectful and appreciative way of dealing with people and all their facets in the concluding conversation with Mr. Veitl - in the personal evaluation, the understanding of the profile received is once again considerably deepened and helpful with completely new insights. practical approaches to solutions. Communication - personal without becoming personal. A soothing approach that sees the person under consideration as he or she really is.

I'm convinced! With ValueProfilePlus personal development is possible. Thanks!

Beatrix W.


I'm convinced!

Incredibly accurate

How is that possible, to be able to calculate a being like man with a large spectrum of characteristics with only a few minutes twice eighteen statements to be sorted out to the smallest detail. As a physicist, I was probably even more sceptical than many others. I have just had the results of the calculations presented and explained to me in two hours and I must say that I feel absolutely correctly sorted. Predicate: valuable

Dr Martin B.

Executive / consulting company

I'm convinced!

Calculating the human being on the computer?

When I left the questions about ValueProfilePlus, my hair stood on end at one or the other statement. Well I wear a hat. It took me just 12 minutes to do it. Since I had dealt intensively with the most diverse forms of employee assessment profiles, I couldn't imagine what would come out of it. My hair fell back immediately when the evaluation was in front of me. I was speechless, something that happens to me rather rarely

A perfect hit rate, a clear picture of me, totally worthless. That amazed and inspired me. Finally a reasonable professional tool for the clear recognition of the own person and not manipulable. Hats off! The following detailed discussion with Mr. Veitl showed me - there is a man who can listen, has an incredible knowledge and not only discussed the evaluation in detail, but also gives concrete solutions and support.

This is by no means usual, so I would like to thank you very much. Your slogan for the ValueProfilePlus "The human being in the center" hits the mark. I very much hope that many companies will use this profile use and thus the quota of healthy, satisfied and happy employees and bosses rises again.

Dear entrepreneurs and bosses, now we finally have a good chance to save time and money, whereas the investments in the ValueProfilePlus are a cinch.
Humorous greetings ... Yvonne V.

Yvonne V.

coach, book author

I'm convinced!

Truly tamper-proof

I have already tested a number of profilings myself. Especially during the recruitment process I have tested such instruments in many cases in order to achieve the best possible personnel selection. I have also tried several times to see through the test procedures by means of targeted manipulations. With this system ValueProfilePlus a special hit seems to have succeeded.

Like Prof. Dr. K., I initially had great doubts as to how an accurate result can be achieved with only 2 questions in about 10 minutes. The report convinced me completely and through the personal opening of the result by Mr. Veitl and Mrs. Ferchl with his very sensitive interpretation of my result, I was deeply surprised about the clear expression of my personality that could be found in the result report.

Great system - great result. I can only recommend that every HR manager use this system again and again when appraising his or her personnel, even for routine appraisals. It will be worthwhile in the long term. Congratulations to Horst Veitl and his team on this system.

Dirk S.

Managing Director

I'm convinced!

Courage to take the first step, which is worthwhile ...

It certainly takes courage as a department head to engage in profiling for all twelve employees and to deepen and discuss this together in a team workshop. The accuracy and detailed evaluation surprised even colleagues who were used to assessments. The open! exchange of all these results and the derivations for the future even better Cooperation turned this workshop into an extraordinary and real team-building event, which really resonates.

Jan F.

Executive / Automotive, Group

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  1. Frank says:

    Thank you for the valuable information on the start page and the more detailed information on the following pages. Unique offer at an absolutely fair price. At last not to spend thousands on training and then find out that you either have to buy piece by piece or even have a minimum purchase. Well done!

  2. Peter W. says:

    Finally a homepage that same provides the most important information in compressed form at the beginning - well done! Thank you.

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